Course features & Learning orientation

The curriculum of the Leisure Business Management Department is developed based on national industry policy, local needs, university missions, and college requirements to provide our students necessary knowledge and skills to meet the department goals, so the students are able to devote themselves to leisure industry after graduation. In general, the design of the curricula of the Leisure Business Management Department are aimed to meet the NKUT's spirits which emphasize the importance of multi-dimensions, multi-purposes, feasibility, and actualization of the curriculum. Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, the student should be prepared to enter employment in a variety of agencies and organizations serving the leisure and recreational needs of people.

The number of minimum credits for graduation is 128. Among these 128 credits, students are required to take university requirements, college requirements, department cores, and elective courses which are divided into two programs namely Tourism and Leisure Management Program and Recreation Management Program.


 Tourism and Leisure Management Option   

Recreation Management


Department Core


1)    College


 Business ManagementStatisticsAccountingEconomics

(2)Department Core

Introduction to Leisure IndustryIntroduction to Hotel and HospitalityHealth PromotionTour guild and InterpretationMarketingAccountingHuman ResourceStatistical ApplicationsResearch Methods in BusinessEthics in Leisure ServicesProfessional TrainingTerm Project(1)Term project(2)Workplace InternshipsSpecific ProjectSkills Applications in Leisure ServiceSeminar (leisure Industry)

(3)Program Option

A.Tourism and Leisure Management Option

National Park RecreationCommunity Development and Recreation ManagementTourism GeographyRecreation Activity ProgrammingHotel ManagementIntroduction to Health IndustryHolidays & FestivalsTherapeutic TourismRecreational Farms ManagementEcotourismWork arts and LeisureTour PlanningCase Study in Leisure Realm  

B.Recreation Management


Introduction to Sports ScienceSenior FitnessSenior Activity InstructionHealthy Lifestyle for the ElderlySports Injury PreventionPractical Training for Senior Activity ProgrammingSports MarkingAerobicsSports Game ManagementClub ManagementSports Tourism 

(4)Other Electives

Tour GuidanceTourism LawsLeaderships and Negotiations in Leisure ServicesJapanese(1)Japanese(2)International Business Etiquettes and MannersCrisis ManagementHomestay ManagementSenior psychologyInformation Services and Website DesignQuality Management in Leisure ServicesSenior Leisure EducationEnvironment and Facility Design for SeniorHot Spring Hotel ManagementBusiness Assessment in Leisure IndustryPhysical Education(1)Physical Education(2)National Security and Military Training(1)National Security and Military Training(2)



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