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Download For Off-Campus Internship 

【For Business

A. Implementation process (WordOdf)

B. application guide(WordOdf)

C-1. Internship Questionnaire(WordOdf)

C-2. Internship unit recommendation(WordOdf)

D. Institution Survey Form(WordOdf)

E. The Agreement For Internship Collaboration(Sample)(WordOdf)

F.Certificate of Internship(WordOdf)

【For Student】

A.Internship Wish list(WordOdf)

B.Student Internship Instructions(WordOdf)

C.Internship Application Form(WordOdf)

D.Parental consent(WordOdf)

E.The Explanation for Ceasing Internship(WordOdf)

F.Application for Changing Institution(WordOdf)

G.Application for Ceasing Internship(WordOdf)

H.The Cover Form of  Internship Report(Including Weekly Diary)(

I.Internship Weekly Diary(

【For Teacher

A.Site-visit Report(

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