Nearly 200 students from Nantou Good Secret Land compete for the design and planning masters of the Nankai Yunpin Cup tour

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  Nankai University of Science and Technology held the 2021 Nankai Yunpin Cup Nantou Secret Land Tour Design Competition finals on April 14. This competition attracted a total of 16 universities and high schools across Taiwan. Nearly 200 contestants formed 47 teams. After five preliminary contests After the evaluation and selection, 20 teams will finally enter the finals, striving for the glory of the masters of the itinerary design and planning.

       The organizer, President Xu Congxin of Nankai University of Science and Technology, stated that Nankai University of Science and Technology is based on the University's Social Responsibility (USR) and uses the secret of Nantou as the theme of the competition to promote sustainable local tourism development. I hope that through the creativity and thoughts of young students, we can find more travel itineraries worth promoting in the industry in Nantou County. I hope that the contestants can inspire many creative, high-quality, and diverse travel itineraries for the travel industry to promote, thereby achieving a combination of industry and academia. , And promote the social responsibility of universities and enterprises.

       Lin Baihong, director of the Department of Leisure Business Management, said that in the post-epidemic era, domestic tourism has become the first choice of the public. Nantou County has 13 distinctive towns and cities, digging deeply into places to create distinctive recreation highlights, developing in-depth local special tours, and inspiring local tourism. The regeneration of the economic circle has enabled the creation and characteristics of local communities to be seen, such as the Passion Fruit Zone in Dapingding, Puli, which appeals to agricultural experience, the cultural settlement of Zhongxing New Village, which shows the value of local creation, the national coffee with unique industrial economic development, and the diverse natural appearance. The Sun Moon Lake Circle has become the designated attraction for this tour competition. The Department of Leisure has promoted tour design courses for many years and introduced industrial resources, striving to apply what they have learned and integrate them with internships and employment. Through this Nankai Yunpin Cup Nantou Secret Tour Tour Design Competition, it succeeded Linked to the industry-academy platform, this teaching concept has not only won the recognition of Yunpin Hot Spring Hotel, and the title competition, but also sponsored Yunpin Hot Spring Hotel Accommodation Voucher with a market price of more than 10,000 yuan as a champion award, encouraging students to actively participate in the competition and think about creativity. It also fulfills its corporate social responsibility (CSR). Another feature of this competition is that it was co-organized by Xinle Travel Agency, which specializes in special and exquisite tourism in the central region, and tried to find a marketable travel itinerary from the competition works. Selling on the shelves truly achieves the goal of commercialization, which is also the consistent teaching goal of the Leisure Department of Nankai University of Science and Technology, combining theory with practice and applying what has been learned.      

       The high-level competition naturally attracts players from all walks of life to show their talents, whether it is the local Shuili Commercial and Industrial, Renai High Farm, Miaoli Sanyi High School, Dacheng High School, Jingwen University, Changrong University and other students will try their best to fight for it. The title of No. 1 in the country. The champions of each group will be produced after a day of fierce competition.

College and University Group No. 1 Meihe University of Science and Technology Nantou go fun! Happy trip to the secret land of Lohas! The second place is Longhua University of Science and Technology, you go to rest and breathe in the forest. The third place is the secret of Nankai University of Science and Technology.

No. 1 in the Senior High School Vocational Group, National Kaohsiung Hospitality University Affiliated Hospitality Senior High School The middle school goes around Nantou, tastes Taiwan

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