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The 6th Mo Fanbi Nankai Cup Coffee Latte and Hand-made Coffee Competition After the Epidemic

Poster:TSAI,YI-CHINGPost date:2021-11-05

  Nan kai University of Science and Technology held the 2021 6th Mo Fanbi Nankai Cup Coffee Latte and Hand-made Coffee Competition on November 4th . On the day of the final, it attracted nearly 100 contestants from many universities and high schools in Taiwan to fight for the annual coffee latte. And the glory of the coffee master.

    Director Lin Baihong of the Department of Leisure Business Management of Nankai University of Science and Technology, the organizer, said that this department has the most complete coffee teaching equipment in Taiwan, costing nearly 4 million, and it is also the only Taiwan that introduces Mofanbi Catering Group's coffee brewing and bar talent development courses and integrates with it. Internship and employment have laid the leading position in the development of coffee industry education in the technical and vocational system of the Leisure Department of Nankai University of Science and Technology. The national coffee brewing competition for six consecutive years has successfully linked the industry-academy platform and has become the largest campus coffee brewing competition in Taiwan. , And last year’s popular [Good Coffee Gathering] Small Farmers’ Market, this year it changed to [Online Listing] live broadcast, interviewing many small coffee farmers, and continuing to promote Taiwan’s coffee brewing skills to the general public. It is also Nankai University of Science and Technology. The consistent teaching goal of the Leisure Department is to combine theory with practice and apply what you have learned.

Fang Lihuan, general manager of the Mofanbi Catering Group, the sponsor of the competition, also said that under the impact of the epidemic this year, people’s coffee drinking was not affected. Instead, they spent more time at home and increased coffee consumption. Another wave of [home coffee] lifestyle has also made the group more actively seize the coffee market in Taiwan. It has cooperated with the Leisure Department of Nankai University of Science and Technology to hold a national competition for six consecutive years. In addition to making coffee drinking more visual enjoyment, Many outstanding student players are also explored in order to expand the benefits of industry-university cooperation. An internship retention program will be provided to allow students to get employed immediately after graduation, with a starting salary of 31K . All of the nearly 30 stores of Mofanbi Catering Group in Taiwan can become a field for players to realize their dreams in the future. At present, many students have worked in Mofanbi Catering Group after graduation to give full play to what they have learned. 

    Hong Jiasui, director of the National Shuili Commercial and Industrial Catering Division, who personally led the students to participate in the competition, said in an interview that he is a coffee lover. To perform more high-level works, and then improve the teaching level and learning effectiveness.

    The high-level competition naturally attracts players from all walks of life to show their skills, whether it is Luodong Gaoshang from Yilan, or Shuili Shanggong, Mingdao Middle School, Jingwen University and other schools will try their best to be the first in the country. Title. The champions of each group will be produced after a day of fierce competition.

Another highlight of this competition is that the general manager Wu Jinjin of Taiwan Huijie Smart Card Co., Ltd., a card distributor, agrees with the school philosophy of Nankai University of Science and Technology. For two consecutive years, he presented the student card with a commemorative card for the sixth Mo Fanbi Nankai Cup. Leave a beautiful image for this activity that is full of educational significance and takes into account the development of the industry.

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