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Current Situation

The department graded First Degree by the Ministry of Education in 2010 and continuously proceed to execute the Professional Education Plan for the eighth year. The current semesters contain the four-year undergraduate program, the weekend program, the master program, the two-year undergraduate program.  The department has 22 classes which include 800 students, and faculty embrace 2 professors, 5 associate professors, and 6 assistant professors.

The goal of education focuses on promoting students to have dynamic learning, active activity, innovative thinking, rigorous reaction, concerning societies, and become a potential leader in leisure management industry. 



The education objective of the department focuses on equipping students to possess the intelligent abilities of both Tourism Management and Recreation Management. In addition, the department will enhance the capabilities of students to handle leisure resources, utilization of computer software application skills, well-fare & health facilitation management, and athletic management.




The department contains 2 professors, 5 associate professors, and 6 assistant professors. These professional professors’ fields include business management, leisure sports management, community leisure management, information management, leisure philosophy and so on. The department also invite several specialists who have practical experiences in dining, hotel, and accommodation.




The Equipment Of the department contain Guided tours and tourism service center, Leisure thematic studies classroom, Hotel services technology classroom, Health promotion center, Hospitality services demonstration classroom,  Spirit and body activation training center, and Graduate seminar room.


Curriculum planning


The department conducts business management as core basis classes. Core classes of the department contains leisure industry analysis, leisure health activities designs, and leisure business management. The professional classes focus on marketing management, community development and leisure management, leisure management, elder people activity designs, leisure activity planning, leisure industry investment and development, and innovation management. These lessons combine theory and application skill in order to create professional capabilities in leisure business management for students.


Industry Cooperation

The department facilitates to establish the relationship between academics and enterprises in order to provide the opportunities of cooperation among leisure companies in NanTou county. The department also offers diverse leisure business management disciplines programming to foster excellent leisure health management manpower, community leisure management manpower, leisure health facilitation manpower, recreation management manpower. The department prepares several programs to arrange students to visit enterprises in order to establish a closer link between academic teachings and actual practices of enterprises.

In the future, the department will enhance students’ competition in leisure business and pursue life-long studies.  The department will establish more relevant equipment and increase professional faculty. The department encourages students to join overseas practical training, visit leisure enterprises, and have professional certificates.


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